Friday, January 4, 2013

Lunch at the Cupcake Parlour

If you ever happen to be in Brisbane, or if you live there (like myself); visit The Cupcake Parlour at West End.
Shelves upon shelves of cupcakes in every style you could imagine. There's ones for vegans, people who are gluten intolerant and people who are just craving cupcakes. It's Quirky and cute French Decor makes you feel like your in a children's dream, but in a good way. I had fun catching up with my aunts and spending time with my mother. I would suggest to you a particular cupcake or drink but I personally think every one Is amazing. If you have a little time to spare after your visit to the Cupcake Parlour, go west down the long busy street to your left. At the end (which is a quite a long walk) there is personal favourite shop of mine called Xenia. Click here for their website.
Note: the cupcake in the photos is a Toblerone one. The drink is an iced chocolate.

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